Call for Papers

1st International Conference on Society, Space and Environment (ICSSE)

In an era gripped by global climate, environmental and socio-economic-cultural changes, both the natural and human systems are undergoing rapid transformations, with equally pervasive positive and negative impacts. While much of these changes are attributed to dynamic natural systems, humans and their actions too much take some of the blame for much of the negative impacts. Hence, the onus is for humans, as stewards of the Earth, to take positive actions to maximise the positive impacts and at the same time minimise the negative impacts. Bearing this in mind, the objective of this conference is focused on sharing experiences and finding ways on how human society can maximise the positive impacts and bring benefits not only to humans but also to natural/physical systems. In this respect, addressing the spatial variation in natural, societal and environmental change is another focus. As the title of the conference suggests, this 1st International Conference on Society, Space and Environment (ICSSE) focuses on the three focal areas of “Society”, “Space” and “Environment”. The conference themes and topics are broad enough to coverwide range of physical and cultural environments. This conference aims to bring together academicians, researchers, scientists, government officials, Non-Governmental Organisations workers, advocacy leaders, journalists and other experts to explore the many facets of societal, spatial and environmental experiences with the aim of improving the way humans live, use and conserve natural resources towards achieving sustainable development and SDG goals. Improving quality of life, ecosystem sustainability and environmental quality are the key aims of the conference. The conference presents a great opportunity for participants to meet with others who are working/researching on society, space and environment (and related fields). The themes of the conference are identifed as follows (though not limited to these):

Human and Society

  • Globalization and Development
  • Urban and Regional Development
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Well-being
  • Cultural Change
  • Quality of Life
  • Cultural Heritage

Physical Environment

  • Global Environmental Change
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Change (Ecosystems, Rivers, Landscapes, etc)
  • Natural Resources Management & Natural Heritage Management
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters Management

Spatial Change & Geographic Information Technologies

  • Spatial Variation, Change and Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Global Positioning Systems