Keynote Speaker


Ismail Said is an academic manager for generic program at the School of Graduate Studies, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  As an associate professor, he also teaches at Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment since 1993. His major research area is children’s environment including investigation of garden as restorative milieu in healthcare setting. He has produced 19 PhD and 11 Master graduates since 2007. Currently, he is supervising 14 PhD candidates studying on ecosystem services, children and outdoor environment, pedestrian wayfinding, and city resilience. He has published 44 papers in indexed journals, 120 papers conference proceedings, 6 book chapters, and 5 books on materials of landscape architecture and architecture.


Dr. Ir. Jatmika Adi Suryabrata is an architect and actively involved with green technology designs and energy saving projects. He is a member of Advisory Board for Government of DKI Jakarta (TABG), the consultant of World Bank Group and a Co-Founder, Architect, Building Energy Analyst/Building Energy Simulation Specialist, Urban Designer, Lighting Designer. The keynote address to share his knowledge and experience through his projects in passive designs developed based on computer simulations to obtain substantial energy saving. The project has been rewarded as Green Building Council Indonesia and ASEAN Energy award.  Meanwhile, the conference will bring us his finding about the World Bank Group Project in developing national energy saving and Jakarta Green Building Codes.